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In 2004 I received a vision of a healing center. It came to me in a dream. I saw an octagon like shaped building it had 7 colored doors. Individuals could choose where to begin based on the color that called out to them this would begin their healing. Master teachers would be on the other side to welcome those who sought healing. At the center of the building was water and fire directly above was a skylight that opened up to allow air, sun, starlight and moonlight. The building would hold all the elements of nature.

Around the grounds were cabins, sustainable gardens, a place for animals, walking paths, built on solid ground safe from earthquakes. It would be sustainable and green at all levels. Those who come to the healing center would be helpers/healers those who share their hearts to help and be of service to others. People who need healing themselves a “wounded healer.” It would become a place where healers came to rest, regain perspective and balance in their lives so they can continue doing the work of the people. Those who come may want to stay longer so they can share their gifts and knowledge with others. Others may want to learn more about the holistic ways of helping/healing to take back home to their communities and family. The healing center would be a safe place for all those who wish to learn and share their God Given Gifts with others or regain balance in their being.

This vision took a back seat when in 2006 I began to fall losing my ability to walk. I was so unhealthy and out of balance in all 4-quadrants of my being (mind, body, heart and spirit).

I lost my ability to walk for two years, I weighted 290 pounds, I had no family nearby to help in my recovery in fact my family system was fractured. Everything I knew was taken away in a flash. It didn’t come as a surprise I had been receiving insights from my inner knowing that things had to change or I would suffer the consequences of my life choices. Each time I would ask Creator to wait there was so much to do at work I would get to it I said. The second warning came 6 months later with a deep nudge “make the necessary changes or you might not like the outcome of your choices”. Once again, I ignored the warning until that faithful day in November 2005, I began to fall without cause my body would freeze up having to call the paramedics to pick me up off the floor. By the time I was seen by a doctor I could no longer walk or care for myself. This time I found myself in my room praying crying out to Creator “I am sorry I did not listen. I created this problem and now I am praying that I am able to survive what is about to happen in my life.”

In order to being to heal I had to have the courage to look within to see what I could do to turn this around. It was in this time of healing that I became aware of my helpers, ancestors, guides, angels and my connection to Creator. I began to meditate daily. In my meditation I was given instruction on how to help myself heal through the 4 quadrants. This went on for 3-years. In those three years I healed my relationship with my family, I returned home after 30 years of being away from them, I lost 120 pounds and began to feel spiritually healthy and strong. Sacred Dream is the lessons learned to begin to bring balance and harmony back into one’s life.

Everyone is welcome! These 14 individual weekly sessions have been completed by many community members with a wide variety of roles and professions. These include elders, cultural educators, mental health providers, behavioral health specialists and directors, health aids, musicians, students, parents, school teachers, professors, clergy, police officers, principals, and general laborers. In addition to individuals, there have also been a large number of couples and families spanning multiple generations who have also completed the SDHP sessions. Read more on the ‘What we do ‘ page!

Sacred Dream is a philosophy. It is not affiliated to any religion.


We respect and honor diverse spiritual perspectives which foster an inclusive and supportive environment for healing. In the context of spiritual healing, there are alternative ways to refer to God and we encourage you to substitute ‘God’ for ‘Love’, ‘Creator’, ‘Spirit’ or any of the options listed below. Your choice of terminology should align with the beliefs and preferences of your spiritual healing process. 

Divine Source: This term acknowledges a higher power or universal energy that is the source of all existence and is often associated with spiritual healing practices. 

Universal Consciousness: Referring to God as universal consciousness recognizes a pervasive and interconnected consciousness that underlies all things and can be tapped into for healing and guidance.

Higher Power: This term emphasizes a force or presence beyond human understanding that can support and facilitate spiritual healing processes.

Sacred Presence: Describing God as a sacred presence reflects a belief in a divine and benevolent energy that is present and accessible during spiritual healing practices.

Higher Self: In some spiritual healing practices, the term higher self is used to refer to the divine essence or highest aspect of an individual’s being, which can guide and facilitate their healing journey.

For example, in our meditation ‘I call upon the Shield of God’ can be changed to ‘I call upon the Shield of Love’.

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