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Sacred Dream Healing Sessions are 14 individual weekly sessions guided by Laura Castaneda, MSW and Spiritual Counselor. These sessions have helped many individuals, couples, and families heal. Below are a few testimonials:

When David came to Sacred Dream Healing Sessions after the passing of his wife. Before sessions began, David had a difficult time dealing with his grief. He was searching for a unique healing process which was spiritually based and experienced great transformation.

“The Sacred Dream Healing Process sessions have helped me understand my inner being in so many ways. A true healing process which has given me an emotional path allowing me to understand who I am and why I’m the way I am. The spiritual meditation has helped me by releasing dark shadows of the past past and cleanse my chakras. It has healed me and given me direction proceeding down my life path. This has enabled my life immensely towards going forward by learning and discovering who I am and by allowing God’s love into my heart and soul. It is such an amazing victory and achievement when all is said and done. These session have helped me to create my path going forward in life. The Sacred Dream Healing Process was the best spiritual process I could of ever imagined! Since completing the sessions, I have created an amazingly beautiful life and known all about myself and have learned to love myself more than ever before. It was the best process I could have ever have been blessed with! Laura Castaneda is definitely an amazing spiritual healing. She is my “Hummingbird” Goddess. Bless her and all that follow spreading peace, love and understanding to us all! Thank you, Sacred Dreams”
David L.

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